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Where are you from and when did you start working in the creative industries?

I’m from the Scottish Highlands originally, but currently study at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. I’ve always had a passion for making things - from a young age I’d invest the majority of my free time in craft projects or doodling. Then as I got older, I progressed to making video/photography based works, and was in turn, inspired to take the time to develop my own drawing style. The turning point occurred in 2015 when I left school to complete my HNC at the University of the Highlands & Islands, which helped to launch my ideas, pinpoint my focus and build up a portfolio to get into university. What projects are you currently working on?

As part of my coursework, I’m in the process of planning and shooting a short film entitled Milk Teeth. I’ll be exploring themes of growing up, nostalgia and the resilience of the human form/mind. Alongside my studies, I’m working with CoppaFeel! a breast cancer awareness charity, promoting the signs and symptoms of the condition around campus. To compliment both the campaign and my passion for creating, myself and a handful of other art students/team members are making a selection of boob related products, from jewellery sets to sketchbooks and tote bags which will be available to buy online with profits going to CoppaFeel! (more info at https://coppafeel.org)

What is the creative scene like where you are?

Aberdeen is currently hosting the DanceLive Festival, whose tagline reads ‘Art is the New Oil.’ The festival is invested in seeking out the creativity in everyone and displaying to people how reaching out to this can benefit their livelihood. We’ve also had some amazing festivals over the summer, such as the Look Again festival, and Aberdeen International Youth Festival (AIYF). AIYF showcased performers of music, theatre and dance from around the world, while also opening a pop-up gallery based around highlighting the range of cultures brought to Aberdeen throughout the duration of the festival. I really feel that as the months go on, the city seems to be reinventing itself in terms of art and culture, which makes it a really exciting time to be studying here. What would you say have been your career highlights so far?

I think it’s always a highlight having your work promoted in any way, be it in a gallery space or online. A few years back I had an amazing feature in the online publication Arte Magazine and have just been included in the first issue of the Glasgow-based zine Spilt Milk. As my studies progress, I’ll be given the opportunity to showcase my work in the ‘real world’ a lot more, however last year we did have two mini-exhibitions at Gray’s titled Case Study and Place which were great experiences. We are all about collaboration - do you think this is an important part of creating and if so then how has it changed the way you work?

Collaboration is such a crucial aspect when it comes to working in the creative industries, as it helps to develop your skill-set as a practitioner as well as in terms of growing as a human being. It’s a social process that gives you the opportunity to broaden your understanding of your field, as well as build up your ability to communicate as well as employ forward thinking tactics and organisation skills; collaboration allows ideas to bounce from person to person. Being surrounded by other creatives is a key part of my studies - we are encouraged to work alongside each other and I hope to be involved in more projects of this nature. Who was/is your main influence?

I constantly find myself going back to the artworks of Matisse, not just for his use of colour/shape and focus on nature, but I look to his gracious depiction of the human form. He rarely uses straight lines when it comes to portraying this subject, and I am always in awe of his simplified, illustrative style.

3 creators we should be checking out? Leah Jackson - ceramics artist @jackson_leah Kindah Khalidy - painter @kindahkhalidy Patricia Larocque - embroiderer @ffembroidery Follow Shae on IG/Tumblr to see more of her work!

Instagram: @kh_petrichor Tumblr: http://crestfallen-art.tumblr.com


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