MINSU meets... Dan Black (Format Music) 006

Where are you from and when did you start working in the creative industries?

I’m from a little town called Stonehaven, 13 miles south of Aberdeen. I started messing around on Acid Pro 6 when I was a teenager making acapella edits and blasting them to my mates down the park on my Sony Ericsson Walkman haha. But it wasn’t until I was 18 that I took up the Dj role and wanted to progress further.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’ve just returned from another season in Ibiza working for Defected Records as their PR manager for the Island which was amazing experience. We had a lot of challenges to face one of them being in the infamous San Antonio, but we proved everyone wrong and had the place rammo every single week! As well as that I’m concentrating on my own record label Format Music which seems to be going really well with the releases being played by the likes of Carl Cox, Jamie Jones and The Martinez Brothers. Keep your eyes peeled for our forthcoming releases, THEY ARE MASSIVE! Oh and of course I spending most of my time in the studio making as much music as possible.

What is the creative scene like where you are?

I have actually just moved to Cardiff so still to figure it all out but the scene seems really strong in the underground music side of things. Like this weekend Peggy Gou was here on Friday night and Elliot Adamson and Alex Virgo were playing last night. If you haven’t heard these guys records before, get to know!

What would you say have been your career highlights so far?

Playing with some of the biggest DJs has to be up there, been lucky enough to play alongside Patrick Topping, SCUBA, Matador, Mele, Elliot Adamson and Steve Lawler to name a few. But nothing beats an amazing reaction to one of your records. One memory sticks out more than the rest and that was when I dropped my track Baby Daddy at The Forum in Aberdeen last year while warming up for Patrick Topping, IT WENT OFF! Oh and I can’t forget my Vinyl Only release on Material Series which is pretty cool, off the back of that Material Series owner Mihalis Safras contacted me and asked me to keep sending him music. The First two tracks I sent him he replied within minutes and said “Yo man these are cool, I think we do solo release on digital for Materialism”. I had a little dance about my room after that haha. That EP Entitled Bonnotee is out 03/11/2017!

We are all about collaboration - do you think this is an important part of creating and if so then how has it changed the way you work?

I think it’s great, I love to work with others and bounce off each other’s ideas. I find it’s the best way to learn and you always learn little tips and tricks collaborating with others. Recently I have started a Production Community group which is set up for producers to come together to give feedback, help and share with others. So if you are interested to join I’ll leave my email below.

Who was/is your main influence?

Artist wise my main influence is definitely Patrick Topping. Since he first came onto the scene with his first release Walk On, those thick driving basslines and trippy arps got me hooked. You could say I’m a proper fan boy.

3 creators we should be checking out?

I’d have to say Sante Sansone, Alex Virgo and Kane Charlton. All producing amazing music, check them out!

Check out Dan's label Format featuring releases from Giraffe Boy and many more!

And get in touch to find out about joining the community through louis2010mgmt@gmail.com or on FB

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