MINSU meets... Luna Delirious 007

November 8, 2017




Where are you from and when did you start working in the creative industries?


I was born in Edinburgh and grew up in a really small town in ayrshire
until I was 15, I started writing songs at 16 (they were not very good

What projects are you currently working on?


I am just getting past a bad case of writers block, so just now I’m
writing a lot again (finally) and I’m planning fun things to release
music next year for the first time.



What is the creative scene like where you are? 


So I recently moved to Glasgow, and the music scene here is amazing,
but Edinburgh was the place I first played my own music to people who
weren’t friends in my bedroom, and I’ve been heavily inspired by so
many people with such real raw talent, its just a shame that nightlife
there in general is lacking.

What would you say have been your career highlights so far?


Career highlights…. I suppose when I was asked to play Born To Be Wide
at the Edinburgh Book Festival last year, it was kind of the first
time I realised people would maybe listen to my music outside my
little group of musical friends.


We are all about collaboration - do you think this is an important part of creating and if so then how has it changed the way you work?

I absolutely love writing with someone else, I often struggle with
thinking everything I’m writing is too same-y, so someone else adding
their own style is such a breathe of fresh air. It’s also important
for people from different genres to collab, we’re all here trying to
do the same thing and experimenting is always fun.

Who was/is your main influence?

Anyone you meet who knows me even in the slightest will tell you Amy
Winehouse is one of the biggest influences to me, I’m also really
drawn to 60’s girls groups and soul singers, that kind of “I would lie
on the road and die for you because I love you so much” attitude in
the lyrics is so beautifully honest and raw. I also admire most solo
female singers who write their own songs. I definitely take any
situation when writing a song and try and make everything sound a bit
prettier, much like Lana Del Rey.

3 creators we should be checking out?


@jnncmpbllart is a new artist who creates cool scenes on
her instagram and does her own posters for her club night (hotline @
the bongo club) find her on insta for some cool cartoonish designs!

Sarya Wu has the most beautiful poetry I’ve witnessed performed live,
you can find her stuff here:

she also has some cool songs


@agathapowa is an amazing photographer who travels all over the world
shooting people, I was lucky enough to do a shoot with her in Paris
and it was such a fun day, she’s also trying to raise money for
Dominica as Hurricane Maria destroyed 95% of the island and relief
isn’t being shared out equally, you can send a donation to -






Thanks to Luna Delirious for giving us access to her creative process and sharing with us what her views are on the scene - you can follow her on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/lunadelirious

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