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Where are you from and when did you start working in the creative industries?

I am from Edinburgh but now currently living in Glasgow to study NQ Portfolio Prep at City Of Glasgow College, it's a head start at least but I'm quite excited about it actually because the course requires a lot of learning about digital imaging, photography, contextual studies, media handling, so it's quite a lot experience in the course than I ever expected but it would help me improve my creative standards when I know how to handle a lot things in the creative industries, and it has been two years since I was off from education so now I am in a better mindset to focus and get ready. Especially when it keeps me away from working at full-time hospitality jobs, but eventually it will happen due to financial reasons since I'm not required a bursary.. Sad, but true.)

I've started studying photography when I was 17 at Edinburgh College, but dropped out in the middle because I was on the verge of giving up when the course was a lot more competitive from what I've expected, in which I've hated because I believed that art is not a race, but to be fair I was a very stubborn unhappy younger person back then that couldn't take criticism quite lightly, but who would after your lecturer confused your speech and language difficulty with Autism.

I've always been good drawing when I was child, I loved making things, having a lot pens, pencils stationary, lots and lots of notebooks! Then in High School I eventually got sick of it because when I got into year 5 I would get lecturers coming up to me and say that they don't like my work, and then proceed to take full control over it, rather than just help you or give you some advice on how to improve it. No matter what unique idea you have for a theme to create a dress or whatever you are bound to find three books about animals on your desk the next day. I feared that if I took art into further education it was gonna be like this all the time (apparently I was wrong though!)

Poetry was just something that I've just discovered at 18, I still couldn't remember how I got round to doing it but all I could remember was that I just couldn't stop writing all the time, and I was surprised because I was terrible with my speech and language, but it became a new way to help me over power it and learn new phrases, metaphors, and words. I was getting so much support and encouragement about it I eventually started a page and then moved on to performing on stage.

What projects are you currently working on?

I've been working on a lot of stuff at the moment in my spare time before I start college, been drawing and editing a lot, just performed a few poems at Inn Deep, taking a lot photographs outside recently, I have been thinking of combining my stuff together somehow, like using my poems to be represented in one of my drawings and photographs in some way. I've had been thinking about doing portraiture photography in the future and make them a lot more stylish, strange, and unconvential. I've been using a lot of colour to my artwork and photographs recently and I am impressed

with the outcome with them. I used to take black and white film and then when I moved onto digital Canon for a faster way of developing, I started enhancing the colours in the backgrounds and the highlights and shadows. Even my drawings were all in black and white and using colour made a huge difference on them, and this was ally just by using Instagram filters and edits! Itreally makes them more graphic and vivid. I do think my poems and my drawings kind of share the same bittersweet relationship of how they are told or represented, because they all now started to come across 'dark and depressing', 'sexual' or 'twisted', but I like stuff like that especially how in my poems I talk about narcisstic relationships, being a witch and eating people's hearts, losing my virginty to a weed dealer, and drawing breasts ( who hasn't obviously) and vaginas in avocados, and a picture of Kevin Spacey.

So I am just making as much stuff as I can and creating a whole collection since I am just starting out, and I have been uploading a lot of my work on Instagram pretty frequently so I've been trying to make them more public now.

Poetry by Lucy Wilcox

Witches Caught On Film She hated my rebellion My pride My rights My jurisdiction But she wanted me to be small, and live small, like a small minded village idiot, contained in their own mindless field filled with cow shit walls and being trapped within Men were allowed to work, fight and read While we women were told to sit on the fence and wash the blood, piss and shit out of their clothes with our legs cross smiling painfully She was trapping me Tricking me Trying to conform me Trying to advise me to accept this misogyny of rules that I needed to obey She was drunk with darkness with a cruel calculating coercion She had this strong sovereignty reigning over me It was a betrayal This brutal stabbing on the back with a slow heartbeat being left to bleed with eyes and mouth wide open voided up with the blackness of revulsion Because of her This girl My sister A traitor I wanted her to know that I wasn't just standing up for myself But every time I speak for me I speak for all of us, women who demanded the strength to stand altogether and fight for what we have been fighting for decades now So it will no longer become a movement But a better and equal generation But she got offended for what I believe in Flabbergasted with a strong confusion and a weakness of curiosity She got so angry she had to create the evidence for everyone to fucking know about it Exploiting us on snapchat, ravishing us on Facebook, raping us on Instagram I felt this concoction of fury, fire, horror and humiliation Until She picked out one of our own sisters She dared herself to approach closer to our coven So she decided to grope her with her own torch screening her movement Her eyes were seething and brewing up with fire and rage And then she saw the hair on her legs She was disgusted about that She shrieked ‘stupid fucking feminist’ With an acrimonious scathing tone just as sharp as a pitchfork being scraped against a blackboard in a strict catholic school That didn’t just hurt my ears but it hurt my heart My so called black wicked heart The whore of Satan This Bed bleeding bra burning bitch So I cussed at her being like ‘bitch You’ve just fucked with the wrong coven’ So I've jumped out the water and floated in the air strike her I've swiped at her hand, and swore at her, smashed her phone with my telekinesis And I’m feeling the skin stretching beneath my neck And the blood boiling under my face transforming into a neon green with pulping warts My eyes burning from the tears melting through my cheeks creasing with blood My knuckles turning white when I've lifted her defenceless frail body into the air So in a quiet tone I've started to chant my curse You should feel disgraced for calling yourself a woman, you should disembowel yourself and look at the disgusting carcass of your poor little mortal body and cut away those nerves so you would never say such repugnant things ever again Or you will croak nice and slow While we eat your away heart Ya Cunt I've dropped her down And walked away Thinking I should feel proud for what I've said I didn’t But unfortunately and realistically I didn't I didn’t really lift her up from the air I didn’t really turn green And say we were gonna eat her heart and that I didn't need to prove to her that I was a better powerful woman than her People like her are just as wicked they don’t deserve our attention or our magic

What is the creative scene like where you are?

Glasgow is a great place for exploring for great venues, galleries and exhibitions. Especially exhibitions hosted in people's flats, e.g an art collective called wherepeoplesleep has been gaining so much popularity on the art scene by curating and searching for new artists to show their work in their exhibitions, whether its's paintings, drawings, performances, films, poetry, everything. I even took part by showing my work at a couple of their events. The last exhibition I went to see was Baby Boy, curated by Black Radical Imagination at Transmission Gallery, and it focuses on the subject matter of the multitudes of black male-hood in the 21st century. There were paintings, instalments, films, and a performance piece at the end, performed by Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack. We ended up having a great conversation about his work after the exhibition was over.

What would you say have been your career highlights so far?

So far I am just starting out and trying get my work public, but my career highlights so far was showing my work at Gaze hosted by wherepeoplesleep, which explores into sexuality, gender and identity. My work was a 'garden' instalment which required a book that I made with a poem and a few drawings inside. The theme of my project was called 'Tearing Roses', which was about coming off the contraceptive implant and how it had affected my body and mental state. Gaze became so popular, it was discovered by REEK magazine.

We are all about collaboration - do you think this is an important part of creating and if so then how has it changed the way you work?

I love to do a collaboration, it's a great way to explore and share new ideas and inspiration with from others. I've always talked to people who are interested to plan a collaboration in the future, so I am more than happy to create something together.

Who was/is your main influence?

Oh god so many, to make it easier for myself rather making a huge list I'll pick one inspiration for each category that seems more relevant to my work recently

Artist- Celeste Mountjoy ( other known as filthyratbag) she would be like a female David Shrigley but her work has a more feminine and humorous approach when it comes to exploring societal issues and the dark natures of anxiety.

Writer- Princess Nokia, I have been listening to lot her music recently and I pretty much fell in love her and her awesome lyrics. Two of the songs I can't stop listening to is "Mine" and "Green Line" and I absolutely love the lyrics to them.

Photographer- Nan Goldin. I've been looking at her work quite recently and the portraits she takes are so beautiful, it leaves a haunting but a sense of both fragility and strength shown by the models she picked.

Check out : Princess Nokia - Mine - Live @ Sonar 2017 - YouTube

3 creators we should be checking out?

I would definitely check out @wherepeoplesleep since they are an uprising collective run by @samanthadick95 @deedaf and @gutter.ball,

I would even check out their own pages since they are always working on their own things and constantly developing great and unique ideas for their own projects.

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