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Back with another MINSU MEETS and back to NYC where we meet all rounder Darragh Dandurand - a true inspiration - Darragh seamlessly merges artistic genres + disciplines to achieve incredible results in everything she does. We are delighted to welcome her and feel she is a perfect fit for MINSU MANOR's latest roomie (See work below)

Where are you from and when did you start working in the creative industries?

I’m from a town in Pennsylvania too small for its own zip-code, but I like to lie + say I’m from Philly. Growing up in an entertainment family -- mom is an art director, dad was a movie critic -- I found my comfort in media, on + off camera, early on. I started professionally freelancing at 17 + fell in love with the adventure of it all.

What projects are you currently working on?

Recently signed on to be the Chief of Marketing + Operations for Where Thoughts Go, an interactive + immersive virtual reality experience featuring five worlds filled with the anonymous thoughts of others who have been through the space before you. Additionally, I shot + am designing a lookbook in collaboration with philanthropic streetwear brand, LYC. Also finishing up a series of photos I produced with multimedia artist, CRYS, that explore a reckless womanhood, an ode to being a broken-hearted badass. ...Oh, + I also have this incredibly stupid project I’m continuously working on, Well-Lit Trash, one of those ‘started a joke, still a joke, but it’s now an inside joke...with myself.’

What is the creative scene like where you are?

Bushwick, Brooklyn is an eye-of-the-storm. With so many creatives, so much art, so many boundaries being pushed it’s a lifestyle in many ways + a world of its own, a whirlwind to willingly get caught up in; there’s always someone to partner with on your next thing.

What would you say have been your career highlights so far?

I’ve worked in a number of industries over the past few years + a few favorite projects come to mind: my first published piece was a documentary on Holocaust survivors that narratively interlaced their stories together. The project was deeply personal + I am still in touch with the interviewees. Another work I’m quite fond of is the lookbook I shot with designer + model Stella Rose Saint Clair for a collaboration with Print All Over Me. Last Fall I surprised myself by booking my first ever recipe book for a South Korean health food company. That was a very exciting shoot because I’d never really styled or worked with food before. I’m also quite proud of the work I’ve done within the magazine world, specifically I think of my efforts in copyediting Volume III of POSTURE.

We are all about collaboration - do you think this is an important part of creating and if so then how has it changed the way you work?

Collaboration is an amazing way to get to know yourself, what you’re about, how you communicate, what you value. I often work solo or am the creative director, so it is always a pleasure to collaborate from the start with another artist. There’s nothing quite like the addictive feeling of thoughtful teamwork.

Who was/is your main influence?

There are almost too many to count. I am constantly finding myself inspired + often overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful media around me regularly. As I get older I am more + more impressed by the resiliency of my amazing mother, an artist herself + one that put her art on hold to help others produce theirs. I am always awed by women who find new ways to examine + explore womanhood through their own creative expressions.

3 creators we should be checking out?

Jeremy Nguyen - Fantastic man, fantastic illustrations, fantastic sense of humor...10/10.

Haley Varacallo - Everytime I see her work it’s fucking perfect + 100% inspires me.

Julie Finn - Really nice human, really good (weird) art. I mean, who doesn’t like a feed filled with scanned fruit? #amiright

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