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Where are you from and when did you start working in the creative industries?

I am originally from Gothenburg, Sweden. I have been taking photos since I was a teen and spent a long time working for different creative agencies.

Two years ago i decided to stop being an employee and work for myself - I started MinaLune together with my brother Martin. We are a design consultancy exploring topics such as conscious consumerism.

What projects are you currently working on?

Im working on a photo series on fashion towards sustainability. The goal of this is to promote slow fashion and local designers. In January, we will launch a webshop where you will have the possibility to buy these photographs and a selection of curated products.

What is the creative scene like where you are?

I am currently living in Palermo, where the creative scene within the past year has become very big. There is a lot of music events, art exhibitions and creative people in general. Since Palermo is such a vivid place its hard to not blossom within the art scene. People making fresh pasta on the streets and the local florist with his biodynamic garden. In a way that is art too, or at least an inspiration.

What would you say have been your career highlights so far?

The desision to start minalune which has lead us here. Working with what we love.

We are all about collaboration - do you think this is an important part of creating and if so then how has it changed the way you work?

Collaboration is a very important part of creating, and sometimes even the hardest part. When spending too much time in your own mind it's easy to lose the ability to differ good from great. We are two people behind MinaLune, both are creative contributors with a strong will. By learning to collaborate with each other it has changed us into better listeners and we have learned the art of compromise.

Who was/is your main influence?

We are inspired by photographer Neil Krug. In love with his colorful psycadelic look.

3 creators we should be checking out?

Sanja Marusic, Miranda Makaroff and Olof Grind.

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