MINSU Mixtapes Vol 1 : January

Minsu Mixtapes January

MINSU Mixtapes is a new feature which focusses on tracks and artists we've been enjoying over the past month - We are aiming to share an eclectic mix of old and new as well as some of the music that influences our work to bring you even closer. We are always open to suggestions so if you make music please feel free to drop us a message!

We will be releasing these at the end of each month via Spotify so you can listen on the move and subscribe to be notified of any new additions.

Our playlists are curated by our trusted content creator Sanjana Stein, Sanjana's taste is so varied and diverse which is part of why we felt she would be a perfect candidate for this role as well as having worked side by side with many musicians for over 5 years our in Denver USA + beyond.

Head over to : https://open.spotify.com/user/124596628/playlist/4uxDmJQ0J7FXHaLa51khYF?si=HstKLTSgRW-VQQsOLdUu1Q where you can access the full playlist

follow Sanjana over at https://www.instagram.com/sanjanaelina/

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